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Freshly Baked


Useful Information

How does your home bakery operate?

Sweet Lucy Confections, LLC is a home bakery that has passed inspection and is licensed as a limited food establishment in the state of Pennsylvania. All our products are produced in our own kitchen with love and care. All of our baked goods are shelf-stable and do not require refrigeration. All orders are available for pickup from our home, or hand-delivered by the owners for a small fee. 

How do I order a party tray for larger parties (10 + guests), and how do you arrange pricing?

We would be honored to add joy to your event with a tasty assortment of delicious desserts. You can use our menu as a template, or if you have other treats in mind contact us to ensure we can accommodate your preferences. All party trays come elegantly displayed and designed according to your specifications.. The estimated price is approximately $7.50 per guest, and we will work with every budget. 

By the way, who is Sweet Lucy?

Lucy is the owners' amazing daughter! Sweet as a cupcake, she makes the perfect mascot for our business. Every item we bake is a reflection of our approach we take towards raising our family- love, care, hard work, and celebration! 

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